For Those That Thought Foosball Was the Only Option for Indoor Soccer: Futsal VS Indoor Soccer


For many of our Regions, seasonal temperatures severely impact the ability to play soccer outside all year long. For others, outdoor field space may not be as feasible as playing in an indoor environment. No matter where your Adult Soccer program decides to set up shop, the point is that players have the ability to play and exercise with friends and fellow community members.

There are two options for playing soccer indoors, Futsal and indoor soccer.

Futsal is similar to regular soccer; however, there are some variations. Futsal is played on a hard court, smaller than a regulation sized soccer field—think a gym or basketball court as an example. Games are played 5 v 5, with one of those players acting as a goalie. Futsal is also played with a slightly smaller (size 4) and heavier ball than regular soccer.

Futsal has two governing bodies, one being FIFA, which all of AYSO’s other programs already follow.

The great thing about Futsal is that players have less space to work with and have more opportunities to get a foot on the ball, meaning that a player’s ball control is often improved.

Indoor soccer is played on a walled off, indoor turf field. In indoor soccer, there is normally fewer players per team on the field as well. Instead of 11 v 11, teams normally have six active players, which includes the goalie. Indoor soccer is a fast-paced game and allows players to play the ball off of the wall.

Both of these indoor courses offer players the ability to play soccer in any weather condition and are great options if outdoor field space is unavailable for your AYSO Adult Soccer team.