Welcome to AYSO Adult Soccer

It’s your turn to play!

Looking for an alternative to happy hour? Look no further, AYSO Adult Soccer is here.

At AYSO, we are all about providing a safe, positive environment for players to play soccer and stay healthy.  Many adult men and women have fond memories of growing up playing AYSO or can be seen at the fields on the weekends for their own child’s soccer games. Well, instead of reminiscing about childhood memories or watching from the sidelines, now is the time to get out on the field.

AYSO Adult Soccer is designed to be flexible. Individual teams and leagues are more than welcome to accommodate the program to suit their needs. If there is a large amount of interested players in one area, than playing 11v11 full-field games makes a great deal of sense. However, if many participants are new to soccer, than the program should reflect that—for instance, many AYSO Adult Soccer leagues have created once a week “boot camp” where members come and work out together.

AYSO Adult Soccer is meant to encourage adults to be more active, both in the physical sense, but also in the community around them.

For more information, please contact Andy Price.